24 Hour Video Race 2011

Required elements:

  • Theme – “A Day to Remember”
  • Prop – a ball
  • Location – a garden
  • Line of dialogue – “We can do that tomorrow.”

We finished the 2011 race last night, and it was a fine experience!  We stuck with it for the 24 hours and came up with a video that everyone is proud of. First-timer Ray Johnson joined Jason Smith, Kevin Collins, Marilyn Jolly and me for a smaller group this year. (Guerrilla division)

The script-writing process was a group effort that took us several hours.   We settled on the basic idea pretty easily, and the process was relatively smooth.  We took another several hours recording the dialogue, and went out to shoot the video at 12 or 1.  Jason directed the action, and several of us got to shoot the garden beauty shots. My first time to shoot with the 5D – it was a lot of fun.  Back to  home base for lunch break, but not for long – lots of post work to do.  We may be the only team this year with custom watercolor paintings – Marilyn and Ray provided the art that you see in the credits.  Jason not only gave life to the science film graphics (few if any science films were ever actually that cool), but contributed the voice of the smartest mayfly guy in the world.

Thanks, team members, for another successful year – looking forward to the screenings this week.

for extra credit – Mayflies in Toledo, Pt. 1